Soft Touch Babywear

A long-established, globally recognised brand of babywear and baby accessories. Having been created over 20 years ago, our range and style has developed and evolved over the years. We pride ourselves in making high quality, long-lasting products.

Our current range of items includes Shoes, Socks, Tights, Bibs, Garments, Headwear, Hooded Wraps, Blankets & Wraps and other Baby Accessories. We also provide a variety of Christmas & Christening items, as well as a selection of easily customisable Plain Items. All our goods are beautifully packaged and can be easily recognised by our distinctive designs.

Soft Touch Babywear goods are available in the majority of good babywear stores and online across hundreds of retailers, including Amazon and eBay sellers. Contact us to find your nearest store!

This site has been designed to provide an easy port of call for finding out more about Soft Touch Babywear. Keep a tab on our new and upcoming products here. Find out which items are currently out of stock and when they are expected back in here.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, suggestions or improvements you may have.